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Running: The Fashionable Outdoor Sport

Running has been gaining popularity among both regular and occasional athletes. Everyone who has tried it and has remained consistent in their practice, affirms that it has become a necessary part of their daily routine.

Such is the demand for this sport that it has even been included in the activity programs of numerous gyms, obtaining a large number of followers. Running is also an exercise that is very common in training with a personal trainer.

Without further delay we will now talk about the most important questions that concern this sport: What benefits does running bring us? What are its most common risks? Is it a sport suitable for everyone?


The Benefits of Running

The benefits of running are many and varied among which we can find:

  1. Helps control or lose weight.
  2. It considerably improves your health in several aspects: it stimulates the use of lung capacity, improves the immune system, reduces heart risks, and other diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, and others.
  3. Running also helps us improve our mental health because it is a great way to release everyday stress and improve self-esteem.

In short, running or exercising lengthens life and keeps us young, according to numerous studies.


The Risks of Running

Like all cardiovascular exercises, running also has certain risks if it is practiced irresponsibly or if the necessary measures are not taken before practicing it.

The most common risks derived from any sporting activity are always injuries since, like all physical activity, it involves significant physical wear and tear. For this reason, before starting any exercise that may damage your physical integrity, go to your doctor to perform a check on your physical abilities or talk to your trusted personal trainer or coach and ask him about the best way to introduce you to this sport according to your physical level.

But not only that, recent studies show that running practiced sporadically and with great intensity can cause damage to the heart. According to research published in the “Canadian Journal of Cardiology,” the risks of heart disease are frequent among people with the poor physical condition who make a prolonged and intense effort to which their body is not used.

In conclusion, before starting any sporting activity, find out about it and consult your doctor about the risks it could pose to your health.


Running: a Sport Available to Anyone

Running is a sport available to anyone, regardless of age or gender. For this, each athlete must go to their doctor and find out about their physical abilities, in addition to acquiring the appropriate material with special emphasis on quality sports shoes, which in many cases can save us from possible injuries.

Remember that it is much more advisable to set realistic personal goals that do not involve great physical effort and to always stay consistent by following a daily routine. Slowly and progressively increase the intensity of your exercises and reach the ideal distance of ten kilometers. Go for it!