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Major Taylor

The Major Taylor bike is inspired by a 1910 Iver Johnson truss frame bike. The Iver Johnson Bicycle and Gun Company of Fitchburg, MA was once a sponsor of Marshal “Major” Taylor. Iver Johnson was known for its truss design and this bike looks similar to the “endorsed racer model” of Major Taylor [though he actually rode a traditional diamond frame, the truss model was for the rough riding of the road].

My inspiration was to have the look of the old Iver Johnson, but built with the modern techniques, tubing [Columbus] and components to create a fine riding bicycle for most any use. As with all of my other frames, this is a custom made TIG welded frame, but with a brazed flat crown curved bladed fork and Paul’s dropouts. The bike can be built to your desires of wheel/tire size, handle bar position and components.