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The Frontaloadontome

The Frontaloadontome [Frontal-load-on-to-me] is a great bike for the person who needs to carry things but does not want to drive a car. A middleweight cargo bike that can carry safely in the 60-pound range, but of course could carry a lot more! Handles like a regular bike and has a quick feel to because the 20″ front wheel is controlled by a steering linkage that is connected to the frame [not the load] and also has a standard 26″ rear wheel to drive the bike. You can carry kids, dogs (dog food too!), laundry and trash! You could even move on this thing! See the bike in real-life action delivering important cargo.

This bike has a lot of possibilities and I am sure a lot of you wish you could fit one into your life, so maybe you should! Can be made in most any size.  The Frontaloadontome is a custom fitted bike, constructed of cromo steel tubing and TIG welded [not lugged or fillet brazed] and can be built for you in most any size. The frontal is equipped with a finished plywood flatbed and can be built for derailleurs and V-brakes or internally geared hubs and drum brakes.  Available as a frame set {with two headsets & linkage} or as a complete bike and is available in any powder coat color with vinyl panels and an ANT headbadge.

On this page are frame and fork prices as well as additional frame and fork options and my standard complete bike kits along with a long list of additional options to add the base complete bike.