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6 Amazing Places You Can Drive To in 2018

Disney World

We are barely in the first quarter of 2018 and still have much time to plan driving to amazing places. This year is a lucky one for travelers as it is packed with festivals, events and celebrations that make places more attractive and worth visiting.

Some states are celebrating tricentennial, which is practically a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed. Check out the following list:

Bozeman (Montana)
Never miss visiting Bozeman, Montana this year. Enjoy the beautiful scenery along Interstate 90 via the Bozeman Pass. Then celebrate the 63rd season of Bridger Bowl or enjoy skiing and fly down their steep slopes.

Disney World (Florida)
All time favorite Disney World in Orlando, Florida because we have the child in us, regardless of age. There is something for everyone in Disney World. The haven of dreams that come true has two water parks, four Disney Parks, modern sports complex and several night entertainment districts. Add to the equation the best Disney World vloggers that give more excitement when you are anticipating a Disney vacation. Podcasts are also enjoyable and informative. Capture the Magic Podcast covers the latest Disney related news and rumors. It makes you feel the magical world is near.

New Orleans (Louisiana)
This year is the perfect one to visit New Orleans, Louisiana. It is celebrating its 300th birthday with all the concerts, parades and more. If the Mardi Gras is already pretty awesome, more amazing ones are expected this time. Some of the big events are the Tricentennial NOLA Navy Week on April 19 to 25, followed by the Jazz Fest on April 27 to 29. A similar one will take place on May 3 until the 6th, when there will also be a Tricentennial Fireworks Show. However, never forget the scenic drive through the city’s Plantation Country.

Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the host of a conference by the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc. which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. While there, you can take a road trip southwest, driving through Wichita Mountains Scenic Byway. There are no best Disney World vloggers that can give more spice to the event and the place, but it is still exciting to go there for a lot of reasons.

Providence (Rhode Island)
Providence, Rhode Island will have its 19th Annual Federal Hill Stroll in early June. There are no vloggers to spice up the fun here, but the fact that you can mingle with the residents in its neighborhood of traditional Italian-American is already an exciting idea. Also, have an eating spree with the best foods in New England. For a scenic drive, go through Route 114 from Providence to Newport.

San Antonio (Texas)
San Antonio, Texas will be 300 this year. Celebrate with the locals by enjoying the Botanica Music Festival on March 4 and the art exhibitions throughout this year. San Antonio may not have podcasts like Capture The Magic to bring more excitement, there is no stopping of fun, but never miss a drive to Canyon Lake via the Texas Hill Country.