About Us


AntBikeMike is a bicycle modification shop. We do not only modify the bikes but also have a vast experience of manufacturing hand-made bicycles. We are dedicated and passionate about stationary touring bikes that are of vintage style with modern and latest functions and technology.



We have a long tale in the bicycle industry since 1983. After 2000, we had started the fabrication of handmade bicycles for transportation, and we were the first in town to offer that kind of services.  That was the kind of a paramount skill which no other company has done since 2000.

It will not be a fabrication of facts if we claim that we have changed the taste of the bicycle industry. With 14 years’ of our innovative work in the bike industry, we have brought a significant change of trend from sports/touring bikes to transportation bicycles.

Before that, many shops and companies were focusing only on touring/sports bicycles; our company has contributed to the innovations of the biking industry that we now know today.

Since we are the pioneers in the transportation bicycle industry, therefore, we are the best retailing shop that can provide you with a great experience of bikes.


Our Mission

To promote a healthy and enjoyable transportation system by manufacturing safe, durable and accessible bikes.


Our Vision

To become the leader of transportation bikes in the United States. We strive to make bikes more sustainable and user-friendly. We are committed towards customer delight and providing the customer with a unique experience every time. In particular, we are at our best for after sale services.


Our Core Values

We are different from other bicycle providing shops in many ways. Our core values make us unique from other biking companies.

  •    Integrity

Our integrity is the paramount asset that we possess since 1983. We are committed to providing excellent, durable and sustainable bicycles to you. We assure you that you will get more than the price you‘ll pay to us. You will never be compromised with our integrity.


  •    Pioneer in the industry

Since we are changing the trends and our company is continuously focusing on innovation, you can be confident that we have the best knowledge of bike modification and transportation bike manufacturing compared to other companies. No one can reach our level concerning knowledge and experience. We make sure that we’re always searching for new trends and are not afraid of adapting changes.


  •    Customer Safety

Customer safety is of paramount importance for us because the client is our priority. We provide bikes that are safe for our customers.


  •    Trustworthy

Ever since our establishment, our clients have been most loyal to us because we’ve established trust in the relationship, because of this our clients have been very helpful in promoting and referring us to their friends and to other people who might be interested in purchasing bicycles.


  •    After Sale Services

We have a great range of after sale services. We provide immediate repair or, in some cases, bike replacement if in case the previous equipment has some issues.  We exceed customer expectations because we only want nothing but the best for them.